To ensure a level playing field with an open and uniform competitive contracting process, contractors and their representatives must maintain a Cone of Silence from the time when an Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Interest and Bid (RFIB), Request for Quote, Request for Qualification, or any other solicitation release is announced until the time a contract award recommendation is made public by the Board Secretariat’s posting of the board report for the contract to be approved.

During the time under the Cone of Silence, Contractors and their Representatives are prohibited from making any contact on any part of a solicitation, negotiation or contract with any LAUSD official as this could appear to be an attempt to curry favor or influence. An “LAUSD official” is broadly defined to include “any board member, employee, consultant or advisory member of LAUSD” who is involved in making recommendations or decisions for LAUSD.

The following solicitations are currently under the Cone of Silence. For more information regarding the Contractor's Code of Conduct, please
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RFP/IFB NumberRFP/IFB NameBoard Action Date
IFB-20000023392022 E-Rate Network Equipment Enterprise Software Maintenance and Services02/01/2022
IFB-20000023852022 E-Rate Network Equipment Upgrade and Related Services02/08/2022
IFB-200000232125-Passenger School Bus with Driver (Short-Term)12/14/2021
IFB-2000002383Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps, Window Type02/08/2022
IFB-2000001317ASB Class RingVarious
RFP-2000002265Assessment Management System01/18/2022
IFB-2000001295Band UniformsVarious
IFB-2000002305Band Uniforms12/01/2021
IFB-2000001951Central Inverter Systems and Repair & Maintenance Service12/07/2021
IFB-2000002384Commercial Kitchen Equipment02/08/2022
RFP-2000002253Compensation and Culture Change12/31/2021
IFB-2000002370Electric Water Heaters (Re-bid)12/14/2021
IFB-2000002393Food Service Kitchen Equipment12/14/2021
IFB-2000002323HVAC Chiller Rental Service02/08/2022
IFB-2000002374Hydraulic Lift Equipment11/22/2021
IFB - 2000001281Inspection and Service of ChillersVarious
IFB-2000002365Modular Office Furniture02/08/2022
IFB-2000001335Musical InstrumentsVarious
IFB-2000002395Musical Instruments01/18/2022
IFB-2000002364Office Moving and Relocation Services02/08/2022
IFB-2000001316One-Time-Formal for the purchase of 5 vansVarious
RFP-2000002206Online Meeting, Webinar Solution and Meeting Analytics Solution02/08/2022
IFB-2000001311Outdoor Storage BoxVarious
IFB - 2000001713Photo & Video SuppliesVarious
RFP-2000002205Photography and Yearbook01/11/2022
IFB-2000002338PPE and Various Related Items12/01/2021
RFQ-2000000145Pre-Qualification for Revenue to the DistrictVarious
RFP-2000002288Program Evaluation Services01/18/2022
IFB-2000002378Recyclable Scrap Metal Collection & Disposal Revenue Contract02/08/2022
IFB-2000002381Refrigeration Compressors, Components and Parts01/18/2022
IFB-2000002377Rental of Folding Chairs01/18/2022
IFB-2000002313Rental of Folding Chairs12/07/2021
RFP-2000002199Rubbish Disposal and Recycling Services01/18/2022
RFI-2000002399Safe Passage and/or Youth Development02/01/2022
IFB-2000002418School and Administrative Furniture - ADD #203/15/2022
RFP-2000002391Site-Based Technology Support Services Bench02/08/2022
IFB-2000002382Supplemental Digital Curriculum for Early Childhood Education01/01/2022
IFB-2000002379Swimming Pool Chemicals and Supplies02/08/2022
IFB-2000002416Thin Plate Lead Batteries02/08/2022
RFP-2000002282Third Party Administrator Services for LAUSD’s Workers’ Compensation Claims12/01/2021
RFP-2000002320Tutoring Services for Students in Grades K-1201/31/2022
IFB-2000002430Various Art Brushes and Art Paints01/01/2022
IFB-2000002316Various Office Essentials01/01/2022
IFB-2000002286Vertical Transportation (Elevator) Maintenance and Repair Services02/08/2022
RFP-2000002125Web Content Management Solution02/08/2022
IFB-2000002256Writing Instruments12/01/2021