To ensure a level playing field with an open and uniform competitive contracting process, contractors and their representatives must maintain a Cone of Silence from the time when an Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Interest and Bid (RFIB), Request for Quote, Request for Qualification, or any other solicitation release is announced until the time a contract award recommendation is made public by the Board Secretariat’s posting of the board report for the contract to be approved.

During the time under the Cone of Silence, Contractors and their Representatives are prohibited from making any contact on any part of a solicitation, negotiation or contract with any LAUSD official as this could appear to be an attempt to curry favor or influence. An “LAUSD official” is broadly defined to include “any board member, employee, consultant or advisory member of LAUSD” who is involved in making recommendations or decisions for LAUSD.

The following solicitations are currently under the Cone of Silence. For more information regarding the Contractor's Code of Conduct, please
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RFP/IFB NumberRFP/IFB NameBoard Action Date
IFB-2000001313 Corrugated Boxes03/15/2017
IFB-2000001312 Flags and Accessories05/15/2017
IFB-20000055672017 E-Rate Network Equipment Enterprise Software Maintenance and Services05/09/2017
IFB-2000001203Aluminum Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Replacement Parts04/18/2017
IFB-2000001317ASB Class RingVarious
IFB-2000001295Band UniformsVarious
RFP-2000001150California Content Standards-based Digital Software/Applications for Learning04/18/2017
RFP-2000001309College Access Planning and Reporting04/18/2017
IFB-2000001300 (SC-2)Compressed and Liquefied Gases04/18/2017
IFB-2000001162Construction, Crepe, Tissue and Butcher Papers04/01/2017
IFB-2000001323Drill Team Uniforms06/13/2017
IFB-2000001284E-Rate Network Equipment Upgrade and Service03/14/2017
IFB-2000001180E-Rate Network Equipment, Enterprise Software Maintenance and Service03/15/2017
RFP-2000001252E-Rate Year 2017 Voice and Data Dedicated Access Circuits - Playa Vista Elementary School03/14/2017
RFP-2000001119Enterprise Mobile Management Solution04/18/2017
IFB-2000001305Folding Chair Rentals (SC-404)05/09/2017
RFP-2000001282Food and Beverage Cafeteria Services04/18/2017
IFB-2000001120Fuel and Fueling Services03/15/2017
IFB-2000001327Fuel and Wet Fueling Services05/09/2017
IFB-2000001161Gum Removal and Pavement Cleaning Service04/18/2017
IFB-2000001181HVAC Energy Management Systems (EMS) Repair Services04/18/2017
IFB-2000001332IBM Annual Software Subscription Renewal05/09/2017
IFB-2000001290Infrared Motion Detectors, Wide AngleVarious
RFP-2000001318Investment Consulting Services for 457(b) and 403(b) Plans06/13/2017
IFB-2000001343Light Trucks, Mini Vans, and Sedans05/10/2017
IFB-2000001220Master HVAC MRO04/18/2017
IFB-2000001333Mini Vans and Sedans04/19/2017
IFB-2000001335Musical Instruments06/13/2017
IFB-2000001133New Football Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Miscellaneous ItemsVarious
IFB-2000001316One-Time-Formal for the purchase of 5 vansVarious
RFP-2000001325Opening Day Collections for New School Libraries (Bench)Various
IFB-2000001331Oracle Annual Software Subscription Renewal04/18/2017
IFB-2000001293Oracle Licenses and Technical Support03/14/2017
IFB-2000001311Outdoor Storage BoxVarious
IFB-2000001324Passenger School Bus04/18/2017
IFB-2000001334Physical Education (PE) UniformsVarious
IFB-2000001296Police Radios05/09/2017
IFB-2000001352Police Vehicle Outfitting05/09/2017
RFQ-2000000145Pre-Qualification for Revenue to the DistrictVarious
RFQ-2000000917-BProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools (Title II Part A)05/09/2017
RFP-2000001314Professional Services for College Liaison/Advisor to Support Gear Up 4 LA Program04/18/2017
RFQ-2000001272Reusable Water Bottle Sponsorship06/13/2017
IFB-2000001043Roofing, Rain Gutter and Downspout Cleaning Services03/14/2017
IFB-2000001329SAP Content Management05/09/2017
RFP-2000001340School Search Software Tool05/09/2017
IFB-2000001294School Spirit WearVarious
IFB-2000001350Sports Court Systems04/18/2017
IFB-2000001270 (C-387)Storage Containers (Ocean Cargo Types for Purchase and Rental)03/14/2017
IFB-2000001310T-8 Lamps04/03/2017
RFQ-2000000530-ATitle I Supplemental Services for Private School Students, their Teachers and Families06/13/2017
IFB-2000000545Various Cafeteria Supplies06/15/2017
IFB-2000001291Vehicles for Replacement of Mini Vans and Sedans03/15/2017
IFB-2000001261Vehicles for School Police03/15/2017
IFB-2000001322Vertical Transportation (Elevator) Maintenance and Repair Services06/13/2017
RFP-2000001283Vision Services03/14/2017