To ensure a level playing field with an open and uniform competitive contracting process, contractors and their representatives must maintain a Cone of Silence from the time when an Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Interest and Bid (RFIB), Request for Quote, Request for Qualification, or any other solicitation release is announced until the time a contract award recommendation is made public by the Board Secretariat’s posting of the board report for the contract to be approved.

During the time under the Cone of Silence, Contractors and their Representatives are prohibited from making any contact on any part of a solicitation, negotiation or contract with any LAUSD official as this could appear to be an attempt to curry favor or influence. An “LAUSD official” is broadly defined to include “any board member, employee, consultant or advisory member of LAUSD” who is involved in making recommendations or decisions for LAUSD.

The following solicitations are currently under the Cone of Silence. For more information regarding the Contractor's Code of Conduct, please
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RFP/IFB NumberRFP/IFB NameBoard Action Date
IFB-2000001317ASB Class RingVarious
IFB-2000002368Audio/Video Conferencing Devices, Projectors, Interactive Displays, Document Cameras and Accessories08/01/2022
IFB-2000001295Band UniformsVarious
IFB-2000002305Band Uniforms08/15/2022
IFB-2000002549Building Ramps10/03/2022
IFB-2000002477Clay, Soil and Crushed Granite09/13/2022
RFP-2000002602College Access Planning and Reporting (Refresh of RFP-2000002060)08/29/2022
RFP-2000002580College Counseling Certification08/01/2022
RFP-2000002601Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Software System09/01/2022
IFB-2000002646Concrete Cleaning Services10/11/2022
IFB-2000002572Emergency Evacuation Chairs08/08/2022
RFP-2000002645Financial Compliance and Bond Audit Services12/01/2022
IFB-2000002485Forklifts, Various Load Capacities09/14/2022
IFB-2000002574HVAC Chiller, Water-Cooled, Scroll Compressor08/09/2022
IFB-2000002591HVAC Cooling Tower08/09/2022
IFB-2000002691HVAC Cooling Tower, Closed Circuit08/09/2022
IFB-2000002612HVAC Energy Management System (EMS) Repair Service09/13/2022
IFB-2000002576HVAC Master MRO09/13/2022
IFB-2000002503IBM Software and Support Renewal07/01/2022
IFB - 2000001281Inspection and Service of ChillersVarious
IFB-2000002539Integrated Substitute Management System06/27/2022
IFB-2000002617Intermodal Storage Containers11/08/2022
RFP-2000002530Investment Consulting Services for 457 (B) Plan08/01/2022
IFB-2000002535Kitchen Cart and Rack Style Walk-In Washer06/20/2022
IFB-2000002608Kitchen Cart and Rack Style Walk-in Washer08/01/2022
IFB-2000002575Kitchen Food Service Equipment – REBID09/13/2022
IFB-2000002704Metal Carts and Straps for Breakfast in Classroom Bags10/11/2022
RFP-2000002514Mobility Bench Contract for Professional Student Ridesharing Services09/01/2022
IFB-2000001335Musical InstrumentsVarious
IFB-2000002364Office Modular Furniture - Steelcase and Allsteel09/14/2022
IFB-2000001316One-Time-Formal for the purchase of 5 vansVarious
IFB-2000001311Outdoor Storage BoxVarious
IFB-2000002644Outdoor Storage Units07/15/2022
IFB-2000002550Pallet Rack System Material and Installation Services08/09/2022
IFB - 2000001713Photo & Video SuppliesVarious
RFQ-2000000145Pre-Qualification for Revenue to the DistrictVarious
RFP-2000002670Reading and Mathematics Assessments12/01/2022
IFB-2000002590Records and Applications Tracking System06/27/2022
IFB-2000002377 (Rebid)Rental of Folding Chairs (Rebid)07/12/2022
IFB-2000002618Seeds, Fertilizers and Soils09/13/2022
RFP-2000002652Site-Based Technology Support Services Bench (Refresh of RFP-2000002391)09/13/2022
RFP-2000002512Special Education Services for Children in Head Start07/01/2022
IFB-2000002690Specialty Trucks09/15/2022
RFP-2000002456Strategically-Sourced Vegan Foods08/09/2022
RFP-2000002558Supplemental Services for Private School Students, Their Teachers and Families Title I Part A09/01/2022
RFP-2000002647Supplemental Social Emotional Learning Curricula10/01/2022
IFB-2000002700Toilet Seat Covers08/15/2022
RFP-2000002654Transportation System, Hardware and System Applications01/10/2023
RFP-2000002521Travel Management Services08/01/2022