To ensure a level playing field with an open and uniform competitive contracting process, contractors and their representatives must maintain a Cone of Silence from the time when an Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Interest and Bid (RFIB), Request for Quote, Request for Qualification, or any other solicitation release is announced until the time a contract award recommendation is made public by the Board Secretariat’s posting of the board report for the contract to be approved.

During the time under the Cone of Silence, Contractors and their Representatives are prohibited from making any contact on any part of a solicitation, negotiation or contract with any LAUSD official as this could appear to be an attempt to curry favor or influence. An “LAUSD official” is broadly defined to include “any board member, employee, consultant or advisory member of LAUSD” who is involved in making recommendations or decisions for LAUSD.

The following solicitations are currently under the Cone of Silence. For more information regarding the Contractor's Code of Conduct, please
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RFP/IFB NumberRFP/IFB NameBoard Action Date
IFB-2000001312 Flags and Accessories05/15/2017
IFB-2000001380160 Ton Chiller09/01/2017
IFB-200000137024 + 1 and 16 Passenger School Bus06/13/2017
IFB-20000013453D Printer and accessories06/13/2017
IFB-2000001317ASB Class RingVarious
IFB-2000001295Band UniformsVarious
RFP-2000000481Banking Services08/22/2017
IFB-2000001300 (SC-2)Compressed and Liquefied Gases07/11/2017
IFB-2000001300Compressed and Liquefied Gases09/01/2017
IFB-2000001173Converged IP Public Address (PA) Equipment and Related Services09/01/2017
IFB-2000001341Debris Removal and (Roll-Off) Services08/31/2017
RFP-2000001371Design and Implementation of Automated Disaster Recovery Solution09/12/2017
IFB-2000001323Drill Team Uniforms06/13/2017
RFP-2000001119Enterprise Mobile Management Solution06/13/2017
IFB-2000001330Fiberglass Ladders06/01/2017
RFQ-2000001054Fitness Facilities08/22/2017
RFP-2000001318Investment Consulting Services for 457(b) and 403(b) Plans06/13/2017
IFB-2000001335Musical InstrumentsVarious
IFB-2000001133New Football Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Miscellaneous ItemsVarious
IFB-2000001316One-Time-Formal for the purchase of 5 vansVarious
RFP-2000001325Opening Day Collections for New School Libraries (Bench)06/13/2017
IFB-2000001311Outdoor Storage BoxVarious
IFB-2000001357Photo and Video Equipment and Supplies06/01/2017
IFB-2000001334Physical Education (PE) Uniforms06/13/2017
IFB-2000001358Police Radios06/13/2017
RFQ-2000000145Pre-Qualification for Revenue to the DistrictVarious
IFB-2000001294Provide Flat File Cabinet System06/13/2017
IFB-2000001354Rental and Servicing of Portable Toilets06/13/2017
RFQ-2000001272Reusable Water Bottle Sponsorship06/13/2017
RFP-2000001344School Calendar Survey07/31/2017
RFQ-2000001365School Educator Growth and Development09/12/2017
RFP-2000001340School Search Software Tool06/13/2017
IFB-2000001382School Spirit Wear09/19/2017
RFP-2000001362Special Education Services for Children in Head Start06/13/2017
RFP-2000001348Strategically Sourced Commodity and Commercial No Antibiotics Added Chicken08/08/2017
RFQ-2000000530-ATitle I Supplemental Services for Private School Students, their Teachers and Families06/13/2017
IFB-2000001364Underground Tank Fuel and Fueling Services06/13/2017
IFB-2000000545Various Cafeteria Supplies08/08/2017
IFB-2000001391Vertical Transportation (Elevator) Maintenance and Repair Services08/31/2017
IFB-2000001251Water Treatment Service08/31/2017
IFB-2000001390zOS Mainframe Hosting Services08/08/2017