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Small Business Enterprise Program
About the Los Angeles Unified School District Small Business Program

The Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) Small Business Program assist the small business community with certification, educational workshops and seminars and access to opportunities with LAUSD in the following areas: Construction, Commodities and Services.

LAUSD is in its final stages of an aggressive, multi-billion dollar school construction and renovation program that will deliver new and modernized school facilities and more than 180,000 new classroom seats. LAUSD's investment of $20.3 billion in new and existing school facilities represents the largest school construction and renovation program in the western United States.

Please visit our Facilities website at www.laschools.org to view any opportunities for upcoming construction projects.

The LAUSD provides services and purchases goods for over 600,000 students in 1200+ locations. We would like small businesses to have access to our wide range of procurement opportunities. We are very excited to present our "Meet the Buyers Program". We will host these quarterly Vendor Fairs beginning in January 2013. Businesses will be able to present their product or service directly to the LAUSD procurement team. In addition, we will facilitate opportunities for Small Businesses to develop relationships with partner agencies and prime contractors.

To access bidding opportunities for services and goods, please click here.

Small Business Registration

Companies that wish to register their small business or apply for small business certification may do so at the LAUSD vendor registration module.